Make Your Own Slime

I guess you may remember the sticky green ball that we called slime, which we used to throw at the walls. All the kids loved it and parents hated it, as it was impossible to get it out of the carpet. This toy was released by the company Mattel in 1976. It was sold in a small plastic bucket, which was enough for a whole group of children. Though it was a bit gross, we had a number of games with the slime, but it’s hard to remember the rules now.

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Plouffe Called Romney Unfair

The President of the USA Barack Obama should be ready to face the unfair methods of leading the discussion typical of hi opponent Mitt Romney as the Advisor to the President David Plouffe states. The political debates of the two opponents were dedicated to the matters if the domestic affairs. The President o the USA claimed that his opponent from the Republican Party was giving the promises that were almost impossible to carry out. That concerned the tax decrease and the empowering the defensive budget of the country at one and the same time.

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The benefits of video games.

It is believed that video game playing causes serious problems. Ostensibly adults as well as children become more offensive and even violent. I’m afraid that it has nothing in common with reality and actual facts. Of course many things depend on the situation. At the same time you should take into account the benefits of video game playing. Do not be to judgmental about video games.

You will be surprised to find out that video game playing has its educational benefits. Gamers who spend at least two hours a day playing games become more attentive and learn to improve their skills. You should realize that there is a variety of different games intended for gamers of different ages. It means that there are many games besides World of War Craft. While playing your kid may improve and develop everyday skills. Children with disabilities manage to improve their skills as well with the help of video game playing. Their ability to react and to respond improves greatly. According to researches they begin to react much faster. They learn to solve problems and even become more motivated.

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Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Downsize the Budget of the USA

The illegal immigrants from Mexico have flooded the USA. Every day their rows welcome the new knights of fortune. The illegal immigrants have various reasons to come to the USA and the following ones are the most popular. The first excuse for Mexican illegal immigrants is the possibility to get a divorce. For example in New Jersey the courts have no right to check the immigrant status of the appellants for getting a divorce. Only the actual reason for a divorce matters. Besides the illegal immigrants have the right to declare themselves gone bankrupt. None of the American law bodies contains the requirement to have the USA citizenship if a person files for bankruptcy. To initiate the lawful procedure such person must have his own property or business and live in the USA no less than several years. Some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico who leaked to the country to search for a better future face the financial difficulties. So they declare themselves bankrupt to start their business once more from the blank page. The US Constitution formally allows them to do that.

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Top of the Most Blood-Freezing Crimes

Honestly, I do not understand the need to create numerous horror films when there are enough terrific stories in the real life. If you want to get scared, you should just listen to the news or some crimes of the most famous maniacs. Human society, no matter how well developed and democratic it tends to be, always conceals all possible dangers and one of the most awful of them, unfortunately, is presented by people themselves.

Lois Garavito form Colombia is known for committing the largest amount of murders in the history of crime. He made children accompany him using candies and other means of attraction and then he held them in the captivity, tortured and raped them and finally slashed their throat which explains why most of the victims were found headless. Garavito was captured in 1999 and found guilty in committing 138 murders, though he is said to commit 172 crimes. However, the law of Colombia allows sentencing a criminal for no more than 30 years of imprisonment. As Garavito helped the investigation, his sentence was reduced to 22 years.

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3 Best Business Ideas For Rural Areas

Big cities are not the only places to launch a new business. Moreover, starting an enterprise in megalopolis can be a hectic task because of a high level of competition. So, why not trying to start a business in a smaller town or village? A little bit of study and preparation can go a long way toward helping you start a new business in rural area.
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What does your car color say about you?

The most popular car color is believed to be SILVER. Silver color tells us about wealth, power and a strong reputation. And the brighter the color, the more the owner cherishes these things.

You don’t see ORANGE car every day. The owner of an orange car is a positive and optimistic person who likes standing out.

Owners of YELLOW cars are self-confident and like having fun.

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Child labour.

What was common for the 19th century is illegal today. Anyway in many countries child labor is still widespread. It concerns mainly developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America where rate of child labor is extremely high. It happens mainly because it is cheap to exploit children who have to work sometimes 12-hours shifts. Quite often the work is very dangerous and harmful for their lives. The conditions are terrible. But it seems like nobody cares. They say that the practice of employment of children decreased in the 20th century. Anyway the statistics is shocking.

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Travel to Snow Kingdom

If you are not afraid of cold weather, consider snow covered mountains to be one of the most beautiful landscapes and can not live without skiing you are bound to visit Samnaun resort in the Eastern Alps, Switzerland. This place is ideal for skiers as snow fairy-tale continues there from November till May.

Samnaun provides forty lifts, 235 kilometers of ski paths and the opportunity to ski down one of the highest tops of Alps, such as Stammerspitze (3254 meters) and Muttler (3294 meters). The snowboarders will also like this resort as it has Boarders Paradise which presents one of the largest parks of entertainment in Europe and provides tracks of 1100 meters in length. You will definitely enjoy sleigh rolling and curling which presents a team game on the ice.

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Facts You Should Know about Mexico

Before visiting any country you should collect some information about its best resorts, traditions and national cuisine in order not to find yourself in difficult or even dangerous situations. The following information will be of some use for you if your next travel destination is Mexico.

Mexico, the capital of the country is situated in the mountains on the height of 2240 meter, so the weather in this city is pretty cool comparing to local sea resorts. Though the population of Mexico city is 20 million people then underground is not overcrowded even during the rush hour. It can be explained by the tendency of riding bicycles in this town. There are even bicycle parking lots on some metro station made to promote this kind of transportation. You can also take a Metrobus which presents a mix of subway and bus. It has the appearance of the bus but moves along a separate line so you should not be afraid of traffic jams. Note, that for women and disabled people the first carriage is meant in order to prevent them from harassment.

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