Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Downsize the Budget of the USA

The illegal immigrants from Mexico have flooded the USA. Every day their rows welcome the new knights of fortune. The illegal immigrants have various reasons to come to the USA and the following ones are the most popular. The first excuse for Mexican illegal immigrants is the possibility to get a divorce. For example in New Jersey the courts have no right to check the immigrant status of the appellants for getting a divorce. Only the actual reason for a divorce matters. Besides the illegal immigrants have the right to declare themselves gone bankrupt. None of the American law bodies contains the requirement to have the USA citizenship if a person files for bankruptcy. To initiate the lawful procedure such person must have his own property or business and live in the USA no less than several years. Some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico who leaked to the country to search for a better future face the financial difficulties. So they declare themselves bankrupt to start their business once more from the blank page. The US Constitution formally allows them to do that.

The illegal immigrants are usually deported from the USA quite selectively. In 2011 there were issued to command papers that are aimed to control the process of deporting the illegal immigrants from the country. The immigration and customs services have the list of instructions whom to deport and whom to allow to stay i the country. For example, it is not recommended to deport those illegal immigrants who have strong family ties in the US, whose children are studying here, as well as witnesses, who can give testimonies concerning this or that crime. The customs service commonly deports those who have committed crimes or misdemeanors, have recently entered the territory of the country or are hiding from the prosecution.

Arizona is the first state to protest against the inflow of illegal immigrants. The population of the state makes a figure of 5 million people. And approximately 10 % of them are staying in Arizona illegally. The budget of the state can’t support such a large amount of “self-invited guests” as they demand the pensions, free healthcare, free education and insurance benefits. To make both ends meet the Arizona authorities downsize the educational and healthcare programs and introduce the additional sales taxes for the native population. Finally the authorities of the state introduced the bill which restricts the inflow of illegal immigrants.

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