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Make Your Own Slime

I guess you may remember the sticky green ball that we called slime, which we used to throw at the walls. All the kids loved it and parents hated it, as it was impossible to get it out of the carpet. This toy was released by the company Mattel in 1976. It was sold in a small plastic bucket, which was enough for a whole group of children. Though it was a bit gross, we had a number of games with the slime, but it’s hard to remember the rules now.

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3 Best Business Ideas For Rural Areas

Big cities are not the only places to launch a new business. Moreover, starting an enterprise in megalopolis can be a hectic task because of a high level of competition. So, why not trying to start a business in a smaller town or village? A little bit of study and preparation can go a long way toward helping you start a new business in rural area.
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