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Plouffe Called Romney Unfair

The President of the USA Barack Obama should be ready to face the unfair methods of leading the discussion typical of hi opponent Mitt Romney as the Advisor to the President David Plouffe states. The political debates of the two opponents were dedicated to the matters if the domestic affairs. The President o the USA claimed that his opponent from the Republican Party was giving the promises that were almost impossible to carry out. That concerned the tax decrease and the empowering the defensive budget of the country at one and the same time.

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Illegal Immigrants from Mexico Downsize the Budget of the USA

The illegal immigrants from Mexico have flooded the USA. Every day their rows welcome the new knights of fortune. The illegal immigrants have various reasons to come to the USA and the following ones are the most popular. The first excuse for Mexican illegal immigrants is the possibility to get a divorce. For example in New Jersey the courts have no right to check the immigrant status of the appellants for getting a divorce. Only the actual reason for a divorce matters. Besides the illegal immigrants have the right to declare themselves gone bankrupt. None of the American law bodies contains the requirement to have the USA citizenship if a person files for bankruptcy. To initiate the lawful procedure such person must have his own property or business and live in the USA no less than several years. Some of the illegal immigrants from Mexico who leaked to the country to search for a better future face the financial difficulties. So they declare themselves bankrupt to start their business once more from the blank page. The US Constitution formally allows them to do that.

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Infrasound Danger

The development of the transport and technological equipment is accompanied by the increasing of the size and the power of the machines, which tends to cause the growing of the low frequency rates in their noise sound spectra. This sound of low frequency is called infrasound and is not a completely studied phenomenon of the new industrial environment.

The infrasound is the sound of low frequencies, which are lower than 20 Hz. “Infrasound” is the word of the Latin origin. “Infra” means “lower, under”. The infrasound is natural and can be heard in the atmosphere, in the sea or in the forests. The source of the infrasound vibrations can be the thunder or the explosions.

The infrasound almost can’t be absorbed by the objects. So it is spread for the larger territories in comparison with the sound of higher frequencies.

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Beautiful sports

People go in for sport for a lot of reasons: to prove something to themselves or to the world, to lose weight, to be in a good physical shape, to achieve success and fame (with is possible if you are an Olympic Champion for instance), or they do it just because they like it, they enjoy training their muscles, being fit makes them feel healthy and free.

But there are kinds of sport that may be viewed as hobbies or even art, or the ways to express yourself.

I would like to give a couple of examples of such hobbies.

1.Figure skating.

To be a figure skater you need to have strong legs and arms (but they can be trained of course), you need to be able to do all kinds of maneuvers. But it’s not only that, it’s also about dancing on ice, it is about face expression, and it is a very hard work. The most amazing thing about it is that it is almost like dancing in the air, partners look like they are flying and it seems they are far away, on a different planet and don’t even see us.

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