Make Your Own Slime

I guess you may remember the sticky green ball that we called slime, which we used to throw at the walls. All the kids loved it and parents hated it, as it was impossible to get it out of the carpet. This toy was released by the company Mattel in 1976. It was sold in a small plastic bucket, which was enough for a whole group of children. Though it was a bit gross, we had a number of games with the slime, but it’s hard to remember the rules now.

If you were born much later and have never seen this nostalgic stuff, first of all, it’s a pity, because it was great fun, but now you have the chance to make it yourself! It’s a blast! To manufacture this stuff you need these things:

-Glue (It must be fresh!)

-Sodium tetraborate

Actually, this is usual borax, and you can find it in any drugstore or walmart. You may have never heard about it.

-Warm water, a bowl and tools which can be thrown out later or which you won’t use for food. Household insects are terribly afraid of borax, so if you don’t want to wash the dishes after your experiments, you can always justify this by saying that it’ll help get rid of the ants.

The process of making slime can hardly be called creative. Mix a quarter cup of water and a quarter cup of glue. If you want your slime to be green, add some dye. Get the perfect shade of green. Gradually, pour the solution of borax (at least a tablespoon of powder mixed with a glass of water). You will see that the liquid starts to thicken quickly, so it must be kneaded thoroughly. That’s all. The consistency of the final product depends on the amount of sodium tetraborate. Experiment for yourselves!

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