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Internet memes

If you are an active internet user, you are probable in the trend and you are aware of all the new thing that come into your daily life due to the web.

First, when we started chatting and using social nets we acquired the new language. It’s the language of shortcut words and abbreviations. It also includes the nonsensical new words that can be attributed to a particular situation.

But visual arts and images were always much popular. This is how we acquired popular now and forever internet memes.


Being the user of social nets you must have seen these pics. Not even once. They are the pics of different characters (usually animals or children) with a funny phrase above and at the bottom of the pics. Of course the photos themselves are not chosen unintentionally. Each character has his own features and behavior peculiarities which define the phrase used. That’s why there are so many popular animals today, they come from the modern world of web.

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