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The Reasons for Teen Suicide

The most part of the efforts taken to reduce the amount of the cases of committing a suicide by the children and teenagers only provoke the new waves of the suicides. The tries to create the new means of salvation the teenage souls meet the wall of the trustful facts. After the television became the mass entertainment the number of the suicides committed be children increased for more than a thousand times. The latest research covering all the social layers was carried out in the US with the help of the authorities in the late 90s. The results were frightening. Every year approximately 300 suicides of the children under 14 years old happen. That is almost 300 % higher than in 1950s.

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Infrasound Danger

The development of the transport and technological equipment is accompanied by the increasing of the size and the power of the machines, which tends to cause the growing of the low frequency rates in their noise sound spectra. This sound of low frequency is called infrasound and is not a completely studied phenomenon of the new industrial environment.

The infrasound is the sound of low frequencies, which are lower than 20 Hz. “Infrasound” is the word of the Latin origin. “Infra” means “lower, under”. The infrasound is natural and can be heard in the atmosphere, in the sea or in the forests. The source of the infrasound vibrations can be the thunder or the explosions.

The infrasound almost can’t be absorbed by the objects. So it is spread for the larger territories in comparison with the sound of higher frequencies.

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Struggling with Your Belly

The most effective way of getting a flat belly fast and easy is to make exercises and become a constant visitor of the fitness center. However, most of us want to look gorgeous in bikinis and skinny dresses without paying much effort. If you do not want to perform any exhausting activity and nevertheless look great you can view the problem of abdominal digestion from the other point – that is, from the point of proper diet.

Several tips on what and how you should eat will help you to get flat stomach within a week.

First of all, do not eat salty food. Salt leads to the retention of liquids in body and to the disappearing of your waist as result. One way to neutralize the effect of NaCl is to drink more water. Besides, decrease the amount of salt you eat to 2 g per day. Note, that salt is contained not only in salt cellar but in semi-finished food as well.

The next advice is to observe the balance between proteins, fats and carbons. Any preferences or neglects in this question are harmful. The excess of carbons causes the retention of liquid, the excess of proteins – to abdominal digestion. Fats slow down digestion. Finally, without cellulose all this stuff will not leave your body at all.

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