What does your car color say about you?

The most popular car color is believed to be SILVER. Silver color tells us about wealth, power and a strong reputation. And the brighter the color, the more the owner cherishes these things.

You don’t see ORANGE car every day. The owner of an orange car is a positive and optimistic person who likes standing out.

Owners of YELLOW cars are self-confident and like having fun.

GREEN – is the color of nature, a man who drives green car is neat and honest. This person always can help you, he / she is very patient.

If you have a BLUE car, you can be described as a very loyal person. For you relationships with other people are more important than money and / or career.

The PURPLE color is the color of nobility. If you chose a purple car, it means you are a caring person who enjoys beautiful things. It also means you have a strong individuality and a very decisive person who always tries to achieve his goals.

A PINK car says you like it when people are being soft with you, you smile often and care about your health.

A BROWN car highlights your reliability. You are always fair to yourself and to other people. You don’t like any kind of extreme situations; you are responsible person who is always ready to help and a very good friend.

A shiny BLACK car is a symbol of power. If you picked a black car, it means you are confident, maybe even a little bold, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have self-control.

You can see a lot of the WHITE cars on the streets, and what is says about you depends on its condition. If it’s clean that means you pay a lot of attention to the details, you are very neat and have a pure soul. But if the car is dirty, it makes you messy and indifferent.

CREY color clothes or furniture may mean a person is dull and / or depressed / sad. But owners of grey cars are not like that. Grey means convenient. It shows that its owner is stable and confident.

GOLD color shows wealth and pride. If you got a gold car – you definitely what to stand out. You want people to know you are very independent and don’t have any material problems.

RED color says its owner is passionate and quick-tempered.

But remember: every rule has an exception and it only works if a person picks the color himself.

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