Child labour.

What was common for the 19th century is illegal today. Anyway in many countries child labor is still widespread. It concerns mainly developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America where rate of child labor is extremely high. It happens mainly because it is cheap to exploit children who have to work sometimes 12-hours shifts. Quite often the work is very dangerous and harmful for their lives. The conditions are terrible. But it seems like nobody cares. They say that the practice of employment of children decreased in the 20th century. Anyway the statistics is shocking.

The tradition of employing children appeared for the first time in the 18th century. They worked mainly in factories, mills and mines. They were obliged to do the most difficult and dangerous work. Many of them died doing their work. Today it is hard to say how many children died from injuries at work. In fact nobody kept records and the data are inaccurate. But it is obvious that the statistics is terrible. Numerous children were made to work as prostitutes. And this practice is still widespread in the world.

Today many children work involuntarily. It means that in many cases they are made to work by their parents.

It is still disputable but some people are sure that such popular brands as Zara, H&M and The Gap are selling the items produced by children. It is well known that manufacturers of many brands are located in Asia. Developing countries provide cheap labor. And the working conditions are shocking. In India children make glass, carpets, footwear and bricks, in Pakistan they make soccer balls, in Bangladesh they make clothes. It means that many of them have no chance to attend classes at school, that they do dangerous work and that they get paid not much. Literally it means that millions children in the world are treated like slaves.

It is a shame that the tradition of employing children still exists. Moreover children are bought, sold and trafficked to different countries. Today the main reason of child labor is poverty. Their parents have no chance to provide them and children have to work to survive and even to support their parents. And it is obvious that it is an endless circle. Children working from early age do not attend school. Later they would never get well paid job only because they can hardly read and write.

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