Facts You Should Know about Mexico

Before visiting any country you should collect some information about its best resorts, traditions and national cuisine in order not to find yourself in difficult or even dangerous situations. The following information will be of some use for you if your next travel destination is Mexico.

Mexico, the capital of the country is situated in the mountains on the height of 2240 meter, so the weather in this city is pretty cool comparing to local sea resorts. Though the population of Mexico city is 20 million people then underground is not overcrowded even during the rush hour. It can be explained by the tendency of riding bicycles in this town. There are even bicycle parking lots on some metro station made to promote this kind of transportation. You can also take a Metrobus which presents a mix of subway and bus. It has the appearance of the bus but moves along a separate line so you should not be afraid of traffic jams. Note, that for women and disabled people the first carriage is meant in order to prevent them from harassment.

In Mexico you are completely bound to visit one of the local beaches such as Cancun or Tuluma, for instance, as they are included in the top list of the best beaches of the world. Sand on the shore of the Caribbean Sea is of coral origin; it is white and does not heat. So, even in extremely hot weather you can easily walk on it barefoot. The water in the Caribbean Sea is very warm; its temperature is about 25-28 degrees all year round.

On the beach of Cancun you can also visit underwater museum with 400 statues on the depth of two to ten meters. It will be excellent entertainment for divers who are tired of typical tropical fish and corals.

For the fans of snorkeling Mexico provides wells with fresh water. Most of these wells are situated in caves with ridiculous stalactites and stalagmites. The water is absolutely clean and pleasantly cool.

Mexican cuisine will also become a source of pleasure for you. National dishes are burritos and tacos which present flat cakes of wheat, maize or even cactus flour with the layer of meat, chicken, vegetables and beans with chili source as mandatory components. Be attentive when buying ice-cream – dark crumbs on the top of it may be not chocolate ones, but spicy chili pepper.

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