Travel to Snow Kingdom

If you are not afraid of cold weather, consider snow covered mountains to be one of the most beautiful landscapes and can not live without skiing you are bound to visit Samnaun resort in the Eastern Alps, Switzerland. This place is ideal for skiers as snow fairy-tale continues there from November till May.

Samnaun provides forty lifts, 235 kilometers of ski paths and the opportunity to ski down one of the highest tops of Alps, such as Stammerspitze (3254 meters) and Muttler (3294 meters). The snowboarders will also like this resort as it has Boarders Paradise which presents one of the largest parks of entertainment in Europe and provides tracks of 1100 meters in length. You will definitely enjoy sleigh rolling and curling which presents a team game on the ice.

Samnaun will impress you by a wide range of different activities and shows. You should visit “The Night of Adventures” show and become a witness of firework performance. On the last week of April a famous rock festival is hold there as well.

This Swiss country is famous also for its cheese. The best place where you can taste delicious cheese soup or fondue is Sennerei Samnaun restaurant which offers a free of charge excursion in its creamery. There you can also visit Chasa Retica museum and learn interesting facts about the life of the local farmers during sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In Stammerspitze and Mc Ric’s restaurants you can enjoy the concerts of live music, and in Hotel Chasa Montana you will have a chance to taste the best sorts of wine.

In Samnaun you will also be able to satisfy your shopping passion as there are more than fifty duty free shops in this place as well as traditional huts with goods such as Schmuggleralm where you can buy original souvenirs.

After sports and entertaining activities you can relax in the wellness center Alpenquell which is a perfect place to warm up after a cold day spent outside. Vapor bath, Jacuzzi and solarium will definitely make your evening pleasant while different spa procedures will make you feel young and refreshed.

Samnaun offers you a fairy-tale winter and the opportunity to remember your childhood while building snow fortresses and playing fool in the snow. Fresh mountainous air, gorgeous food and breathtaking slopes will keep you in a state of constant euphoria. It is a snow-white temptation you will not be able to resist!

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