Child labour.

What was common for the 19th century is illegal today. Anyway in many countries child labor is still widespread. It concerns mainly developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America where rate of child labor is extremely high. It happens mainly because it is cheap to exploit children who have to work sometimes 12-hours shifts. Quite often the work is very dangerous and harmful for their lives. The conditions are terrible. But it seems like nobody cares. They say that the practice of employment of children decreased in the 20th century. Anyway the statistics is shocking.

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Travel to Snow Kingdom

If you are not afraid of cold weather, consider snow covered mountains to be one of the most beautiful landscapes and can not live without skiing you are bound to visit Samnaun resort in the Eastern Alps, Switzerland. This place is ideal for skiers as snow fairy-tale continues there from November till May.

Samnaun provides forty lifts, 235 kilometers of ski paths and the opportunity to ski down one of the highest tops of Alps, such as Stammerspitze (3254 meters) and Muttler (3294 meters). The snowboarders will also like this resort as it has Boarders Paradise which presents one of the largest parks of entertainment in Europe and provides tracks of 1100 meters in length. You will definitely enjoy sleigh rolling and curling which presents a team game on the ice.

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Facts You Should Know about Mexico

Before visiting any country you should collect some information about its best resorts, traditions and national cuisine in order not to find yourself in difficult or even dangerous situations. The following information will be of some use for you if your next travel destination is Mexico.

Mexico, the capital of the country is situated in the mountains on the height of 2240 meter, so the weather in this city is pretty cool comparing to local sea resorts. Though the population of Mexico city is 20 million people then underground is not overcrowded even during the rush hour. It can be explained by the tendency of riding bicycles in this town. There are even bicycle parking lots on some metro station made to promote this kind of transportation. You can also take a Metrobus which presents a mix of subway and bus. It has the appearance of the bus but moves along a separate line so you should not be afraid of traffic jams. Note, that for women and disabled people the first carriage is meant in order to prevent them from harassment.

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Upcoming Games

Here is some fresh news for those of you who can’t live without video games. These are the three games that I am looking forward to plying myself, I hope you find this information helpful and it will help you choose your new games.

Sniper: Ghost warrior.

The shooter is going to come out later than planned – In October. The gaming company Namco Bandai announced that the game is going to be ready to come out only on August 21, and it is not going to be in stores until October 9. The reasons of the delay are unknown.

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The Reasons for Teen Suicide

The most part of the efforts taken to reduce the amount of the cases of committing a suicide by the children and teenagers only provoke the new waves of the suicides. The tries to create the new means of salvation the teenage souls meet the wall of the trustful facts. After the television became the mass entertainment the number of the suicides committed be children increased for more than a thousand times. The latest research covering all the social layers was carried out in the US with the help of the authorities in the late 90s. The results were frightening. Every year approximately 300 suicides of the children under 14 years old happen. That is almost 300 % higher than in 1950s.

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Internet memes

If you are an active internet user, you are probable in the trend and you are aware of all the new thing that come into your daily life due to the web.

First, when we started chatting and using social nets we acquired the new language. It’s the language of shortcut words and abbreviations. It also includes the nonsensical new words that can be attributed to a particular situation.

But visual arts and images were always much popular. This is how we acquired popular now and forever internet memes.


Being the user of social nets you must have seen these pics. Not even once. They are the pics of different characters (usually animals or children) with a funny phrase above and at the bottom of the pics. Of course the photos themselves are not chosen unintentionally. Each character has his own features and behavior peculiarities which define the phrase used. That’s why there are so many popular animals today, they come from the modern world of web.

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Infrasound Danger

The development of the transport and technological equipment is accompanied by the increasing of the size and the power of the machines, which tends to cause the growing of the low frequency rates in their noise sound spectra. This sound of low frequency is called infrasound and is not a completely studied phenomenon of the new industrial environment.

The infrasound is the sound of low frequencies, which are lower than 20 Hz. “Infrasound” is the word of the Latin origin. “Infra” means “lower, under”. The infrasound is natural and can be heard in the atmosphere, in the sea or in the forests. The source of the infrasound vibrations can be the thunder or the explosions.

The infrasound almost can’t be absorbed by the objects. So it is spread for the larger territories in comparison with the sound of higher frequencies.

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