The Reasons for Teen Suicide

The most part of the efforts taken to reduce the amount of the cases of committing a suicide by the children and teenagers only provoke the new waves of the suicides. The tries to create the new means of salvation the teenage souls meet the wall of the trustful facts. After the television became the mass entertainment the number of the suicides committed be children increased for more than a thousand times. The latest research covering all the social layers was carried out in the US with the help of the authorities in the late 90s. The results were frightening. Every year approximately 300 suicides of the children under 14 years old happen. That is almost 300 % higher than in 1950s.

The widespread statistics claims different factors to be the true reason for the current situation, but not all of them are worth to believe.

Being subjected to committing a suicide is considered to be a “contagious disease” by the psychologists. The famous psychologist Lorenz Konrad noticed in his studies that 93 % of the teenagers with suicidal intentions appeared to have some people who has committed a suicide among their acquaintances. Due to the mass media and the social networks this virus is transmitted between the people who don’t even know each other.

The further mentioning of the suicide cases cause the effect of domino. The spreading of such information on the internet can easily be supposed to constitute an incitement to suicide. The beginning to this mirror succession was set by Johann Goethe.

In psychology the wave of imitating suicides is known as the Werther Syndrome after the name of the fictional character that gave the suicide the fleur of romanticism. In the end of the eighteenth century after the publication of the Goethe’s novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” committing a suicide was considered to be trendy among the young people in Europe.

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