Infrasound Danger

The development of the transport and technological equipment is accompanied by the increasing of the size and the power of the machines, which tends to cause the growing of the low frequency rates in their noise sound spectra. This sound of low frequency is called infrasound and is not a completely studied phenomenon of the new industrial environment.

The infrasound is the sound of low frequencies, which are lower than 20 Hz. “Infrasound” is the word of the Latin origin. “Infra” means “lower, under”. The infrasound is natural and can be heard in the atmosphere, in the sea or in the forests. The source of the infrasound vibrations can be the thunder or the explosions.

The infrasound almost can’t be absorbed by the objects. So it is spread for the larger territories in comparison with the sound of higher frequencies.

In the late 60s the French scientist Havre found out that the infrasonic vibrations of the certain frequency may cause anxiety and fear, and the infrasound of the 7 Hz frequency is fatal for a human being.

The research of the influence of the infrasound on the human body showed that we are highly sensitive to these vibrations. The sound affects our body not only via ears but also via the skin receptors. Under the influence of the infrasound the neuroimpulses destroy the accordance of the neurosystem proper functioning. That can effect in the stomachaches, nausea, feeling dizzy and anxious. The more intensive and long pressure of the low frequencies cause cough fits, choke and the mental disorders. The vibrations of the minor intensity cause the worsening of eyesight and ringing of the ears.

The vibrations of the medium intensity may be the cause of the indigestion, heart attacks and neurotic asthma.
The most effective and probably the single way to cope this problem is to diminish the infrasound in the source of it. When you choose appliances or equipment try smaller devices with less amortization. The constructions with the large surfaces and low deflection rate produce more dangerous vibrations. The other way to reduce the amount of harmful noise is to increase the specific speed of the device so that the main frequency of the power pulse would exceed the range of the infrasonic vibrations.

To protect yourself from the infrasound one may use the ear plugs, which prevent the dangerous noise to affect the brain. If you use any kind of the appliances that may produce the negative vibrations, minimize the usage of them. If it is impossible, take a fifteen minute rest after every hour of working with them. Take more time to relax. Don’t let yourself overwork. The negative effects of the infrasound can be eased by the massage, swimming and a proper sleep.
To minimize the amount of the infrasound in the cities there are the limits for the large transport introduced. The small compact cars produce less amount of the negative vibrations than huge vehicles. That may be a significant reason to buy a mini-car instead of a crossover especially if you plan to carry children with you.

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