Best board games for parties

A party is the best way to relax and have a good time. It’s much better when the party is overcrowded, because the number of activities that can be taken by a big company is numerous!

Personally I always vote for interesting parties with some music, humor and good mood. Oh, and of course, games. Board games, I mean. So, here is the list of the best and most interesting and entertaining board games I like to play at parties.

Jungle speed”

This is an awesome game on your reaction and for having fun. There are no losers. The winner is the one who can get rid of all the cards due to his or her quickness and wit. The key of the game is a wooden totem, which must be touched by the players who see the same symbols on their cards. The one who does it quicker passes all the cards he has to the lost one. It’s surely a good game for a good party. Try it!


I think it’s a famous game used at many parties. It’s a standard explain-the-word game, but the thing is that you can explain them only in synonyms similes and associations. It’s played in pairs and remember you have only one minute for each turn!


This game is analogical to Alias, though to explain the word or phrase you can’t speak. At all. You can use pantomime, or draw the explanation, but no sound should be heard, or you will lose!


The game that twists you into knots, loved by millions of people. The game panel consists of the spots of different colors. The host twists the hand of the game board and tells the player at which spot he should place his hand or leg. The winner is the one who doesn’t fall down even being twisted into a strange posture. I love this game!


A game that gives you an opportunity to feel creative. There is a tower consisting of small wooden blocks. The aim is simple: you should remove the blocks from the bottom of the tower and continue building it at the top, but the tower should not fall down. The game for accurate people with solid hands;)


I think it’s the winner among all the games we’ve ever had. This game appeared in 1970 and about 150 000 copies have been sold for now. Amazing! This game can be played by 2-10 people and it will always give much emotion and good mood to the hosts and to the guests. This game will surely require your ma thematic knowledge and reaction. Ready for such a challenge? Then, Uno is for you!

Tastes differ, that’s true. But as for the widely accepted games for parties, the ones that I love most of all are surely to be loved by you too;) Just try Alias or Uno for the party and you will be astonished at how popular your parties may become;)

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