Beautiful sports

People go in for sport for a lot of reasons: to prove something to themselves or to the world, to lose weight, to be in a good physical shape, to achieve success and fame (with is possible if you are an Olympic Champion for instance), or they do it just because they like it, they enjoy training their muscles, being fit makes them feel healthy and free.

But there are kinds of sport that may be viewed as hobbies or even art, or the ways to express yourself.

I would like to give a couple of examples of such hobbies.

1.Figure skating.

To be a figure skater you need to have strong legs and arms (but they can be trained of course), you need to be able to do all kinds of maneuvers. But it’s not only that, it’s also about dancing on ice, it is about face expression, and it is a very hard work. The most amazing thing about it is that it is almost like dancing in the air, partners look like they are flying and it seems they are far away, on a different planet and don’t even see us.


Dancing is what everyone does. It is a universal way to express yourself, body language. But professional dancers take it to a different level, a movement sometimes can tell more than any word. Movements are emotions in a physical form, a dance can tell a story of love, grief, or share a joy with us. Anyone can dance, if you think you are clumsy, it’s ok, no matter how clumsy you are you still can learn how to dance if you really want to.

3.Parachute jumping.

You need to be brave for this one. Jumping with parachute is one of the extreme sports, you obviously can’t start doing it without professional help. It causes high adrenaline output, if you do it often, you may become addicted to it. But it is sure better than any ride, when you see the ground, houses, fields, and you realize you are not on a plane, this is the feeling that is hard to forget. I believe that jumping with parachute is what every man should try at least once before he dies.

4.Rope jumping.

The first few seconds it feels like parachute jumping – free fall. Most people who are addicted to adrenaline choose this kind of sport as a hobby. Life seems too boring without it. The feeling of freedom is unforgettable. But I still believe it is one of the things you should try just once. Do you remember that scene from “American werewolf in Paris” where the guy jumps down from Eiffel Tower? If you haven’t watched it – I highly recommend.

5.Synchronized swimming.

Synchronized swimming reminds me rhythmic gymnastics in the water. Beautiful movements. It is shocking how they can hold their breath and do the routine at the same time, I believe it is the hardest sport from all the above.

You want to make your life more wonderful? Go in for sport 😉

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